About Colorado Veteran's Resource Portal

Dear Veteran,

The Colorado Veteran's Resource Portal was built with veterans in mind by both veterans and civilians working together. The idea, main design, and execution can be credited to the hard work of the volunteers at Veteran's Passport To Hope (VP2H). Guidance and input from veterans was taken into account and we've created this site, which, we hope, will help veterans in the state of Colorado. 

The reason we have created this portal is to help veterans in Colorado find all of the free resources available to them. When Shane Schmutz, a three-time Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and the Founder of VP2H began organizing a large veteran based fund-raising event in 2011, he began networking within the Colorado veteran community. What he and his team found through networking was that a lot of people and organizations existed solely to help veterans. As a veteran himself, Shane was surprised that he was unaware of the multiple resources available. Shane and his board members wanted all veterans to know about ALL of the resources without having to spend thousands of hours networking. They wanted the information easily available and accessible at veteran's fingertips. Shane's team did additional research and discovered that many individuals within the state, the Colorado state government, and veteran focused donors also wanted to create a way to compile all of the available information and resources. 

We utilized the strengths and talents of his VP2H team to do what many people only talked about. Before now, nobody has taken the time, energy, or didn't have the funding to create a website like this one. After nearly two years of research and hard work, VP2H is proud to host, maintain, and continue to improve the Colorado Veteran's Resource Portal. 


We hope that you and your family find this portal useful. If you have ideas for improvements, please use the contact link at the top of the page and send us an email. We're always looking for ways to improve and we're open to new ideas. 




Shane Schmutz

Veteran’s Passport To Hope

Founder and Board Member