Angels of America's Fallen

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10010 Devonwood Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Connecting children of the fallen with extra-curricular activities, mentorship, coaching, and sports.

Phone: 719-377-7352
Contact Name: Joe Lewis
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Alternate Phone Number: (540) 538-2326
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To help children of our fallen military and first responders develop into strong and successful adults by providing them positive mentoring and developmental activities when they are at their most crucial developmental phase of life. We focus on filling a critical gap in the support provided to children of fallen military and first responders. It is estimated there are over 350 children of our fallen in Colorado and we want to serve every single one of them. We proactively assist children of our fallen during that most crucial developmental time between the loss of their parent and adulthood. We get them engaged in a healthy activity they choose as an outlet, with a coach or instructor who can provide additional adult guidance. We directly cover all costs for positive activities to help the children stay on track as they develop into adults. Because each child is different, a broad range of activities are provided to present opportunities and support based on the unique needs and interests of each child. Included are team activities such as soccer, basketball, and football, as well as individual activities such as karate, piano, photography, or guitar.

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