Bill Daniels Veteran Services Center

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1247 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204


Housing Assistance, Employment Assistance, VA Benefits, Public Benefits, Community Resource Navigation, Financial Health, Volunteer Opportunities, Reintegration & Peer Support

Phone: 720-501-3367
Contact Name: Brenton Hutson
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The Bill Daniels Veteran Services Center is a collaboration of Federal, state, and local community organizations dedicated to serving Veterans in need.

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4/4/2017 - Don't waste your time looking for assistance here. It's the same old story. Fill out the forms and be told that you don't qualify. The end. The only people that get helped are the endless parade of Social Workers who have the forms, from you, to show that they 'helped' a veteran and thereby continue the funding for their own jobs. Sound familiar? But hey! You can take a shower and get a cold cup of coffee; maybe a cup of Raman noodles. Your best bet is a grant from places like this: To hell with the Social Workers.

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