Colorado Lawyers for Colorado Veterans

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1900 Grant Street, Suite 900, Denver CO


Legal services only.

Phone: 303-824-5323
Contact Name: Carolyn Gravit
Fax Number: 303-894-0821
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Veterans in need can meet with an attorney free of charge and get information on topics such as Veterans resources, benefits, taxes, housing and family law.

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1/7/2016 - These volunteers do the in-the-trenches work needed most, and have the expertise to help vets.


1/5/2016 - A fantastic program! Thanks to all of the lawyers who have provided pro bono and low cost services to our Veterans.


12/26/2015 - Matches experienced attorneys to the legal problems faced by veterans facing divorce, bankruptcy, eviction, criminal charges for a low fee or free!


12/22/2015 - Amazing!


12/21/2015 - 12/21/15 The work these volunteer attorneys handle for our veterans is outstanding!


7/22/2013 - CLCV has come through for veterans in the central Colorado community time and time again. They have provided FREE legal assistance for issues ranging from real estate transactions to medical bills. Even though the work is conducted on a pro bono basis the care and dedication for each veteran rivals that of 'billable hour' work. Six stars out of five!

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