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Home of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression (CR). We offer resources for Veterans and their families to get CR, an online non-medical sequencing process where help our clients find the driver behind PTSD, MST, and Suicide Ideation and permanently neutralize that driver while in the client's home over their computer.

E-Mail: info@evolutionaryhealer.com
Phone: 828-676-2535
Website: www.globalprojectsrepetitivebehavior.com
Contact Name: Terry Earthwind Nichols
Fax Number:
Alternate Email Address: info@evolutionaryhealer.com
Alternate Phone Number: 763-464-5785
Alternate Contact Method: Phone

Global Project for Repetitive Behavior is the first project for our 501c(3) and is inv9olved in research, education, and development as well as fund raising to support Veterans and their familes.

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