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We provide a unique means of helping Veterans and their families how to navigate the difficulties of PTSD, TBI and MST (MSA) by using relationship therapy with a horse. We offer Psycho Social Services, Substance Abuse, Family Therapy, Vocational Rehabilitation Services & (PT, OT, ST), Eating Disorder Treatment and a RESPID experience with a 1,200-pound animal in a non-riding program staffed by veterans and professional counselors. See what they say about the horses:

Phone: 9703025204
Contact Name: Richard C. McMahan
Fax Number: 9703025204
Alternate Email Address:
Alternate Phone Number: 970-430-0785
Alternate Contact Method: Frank Garcia

HIS, Inc., dba as the Colorado Therapy Horses, and the Wounded Human Project serving humans at G.I. Joey’s Training Center is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to serving men and women through various means of relationship counseling, mentoring and other services to become productive parts of their communities, locally and nationally. We do this in part through a unique Equine Therapy called “Natural Humanship Training” which is one of the few methods that integrates “natural” horsemanship principals while ingeniously allowing the human to be trained by the horse (Watch this YouTube Video:

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