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PTSD information and a self cure manual

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Natural Psychology Foundation was organized to create, develop and sponsor the use of corroborated knowledge of mental processes. The Foundation will promote discoveries and use of factual knowledge of built-in gifts of nature with the purpose of improving human life experience. Hundreds of millions of people need and wait for that benefit. Natural Psychology will build upon the important discoveries of valid knowledge of emotion dynamics and useful functions that are finally bringing full and lasting cure and prevention of neurosis. New knowledge has begun to recover useful lives for the multitudes of suffering people. Valid theory and its formulations will supplant the irrelevant, ineffectual treatments wastefully applied over the many centuries. By encouraging and fostering search for further discoveries of facts of natural mental processes and discarding the unproved, ineffectual, creatively imagined elements of currently dominant incurative schools of thought, psychology will advance from an interesting field of study into an increasingly useful field of science. First projects of Foundation: Disseminating knowledge to the general public, military, judiciary, and legislatures of the self-curative valid understanding of cause, mental process, and cure of neurosis that ultimately will free humanity from such disorders as: Panic, phobia, PTSD, conversion (from psychological trouble into physical problems), reactive depression, rage storms that lead to murder, mayhem, and tendencies toward drugs or suicide, etc. Informing and teaching academic scientists and philosophers about the defects in current schools of thought. and of valid elements of theory that corrects those. Offering valid theory of mental processes to therapists to enable them to understand and actually cure patients. Distributing information to enable parents to raise children to be invulnerable to neurosis and other problems, resulting from affect phobia, for all future generations. Communicating knowledge of improving life experience to build a more civil human society. ​

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