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3035 W. 25th Avenue Denver CO 80211 and 13693 E. Iliff Avenue. Suite 112, Aurora, CO 80014


Counseling, group activities and training in a safe and supportive community.

Phone: 303-480-5130 or Rick's Cell 303-866-9243
Contact Name: Rick Beaver
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People House provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth in a safe supportive community.

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7/9/2013 - As a women vet, I had a terrible experience with Robin Gilbert. She was supposed to be the Women Veteran's Advocate and went waaaay beyond the boundaries of that relationship. It was a damaging, abusive experience. I reported it to Rick Beaver, and while he initially listened to my concerns, when I told him it was dangerous to have someone like Robin working with female veterans, poking around in their trauma issues and revealing them to others without consent, he was not very concerned. Just thought she needed more training. I told him I would let anyone I knew considering People House as a resource NOT to enter this vet program. His response was "We'll get over it." There are better vet services out there, folks. Shop around!!!

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