Veterans Peace of Mind

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6800 N. 79th Street, Suite 200, Niwot, CO 80503


Fearless Victory – Mindfulness and Equine Therapy:
The Veterans Peace of Mind Project (VPoM) offers secular mindfulness training as a psychological tool to cope PTSD. Fearless Victory is a collaboration with the Medicine Horse Program, combining mindfulness practices with activities using rescued mustangs.

Mindfulness Meditation for Incarcerated Veterans:
VPoM visits incarcerated veterans in the State of Colorado, teaching secular mindfulness meditation and providing further instructional materials on the practice.

Phone: 303-443-0444, Ext 104
Contact Name: Margot Neuman
Fax Number: 303-449-1045
Alternate Email Address:
Alternate Phone Number: 303-819-3321
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Dedicated to cultivating the fundamental sanity and dignity in underserved and marginalized individuals and therefore in society at large. It looks for ways to heal, strengthen, and empower individuals so that they can benefit themselves and others. Through generosity, we can foster environments that encourage human dignity, compassion, and wisdom.

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